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cudmore, pool 1

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  • cudmore, pool 1

    thats the only information ive got on the water where our match is does anyone fish cudmore on a regular basis ? been on the website and seen recent match results and "pool 1" seems to be the worst of the match lakes - any info would be appreciated on depths,baits, pole lines,rules etc many thanks in advance.............
    Sean Hanrahan

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    meat and pellet works well on pool one plus set a bomb rod up for when it goes quiet if i rember right it is about 5 foot deep but most peaple tend to fish 6 meters in front of them while feeding the margins and waiting for the lumps to turn up


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      cheers andy !
      Sean Hanrahan


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        cudmore pool 1

        hi mate

        it can be hard work on there, we have fished a lot of matches and while somebody will always win with 50 odd pound there will be others scratching around.

        worm and caster is a pretty safe bet and pegs half way along on either side seemm to be best although pegs 17-19 have won most of our matches.

        the wind direction is key and it usually blows to the left where the higher numbers are, i have drawn peg 1 twice with the wind going the other way and struggled for 10lb.

        i would have two pole lines one at about 11-13m and one short to one side and a small method feeder or bomb, it can work to drop a bomb or method feeder over the long pole line if it goes quite.

        meat does work as do pellets and corn but due to the nature of the venue i would go for worm and caster, there are skimmers, barbel and chub in there and the w&c gives you an option on these.

        i have won three times on there with around 60lb each time and if you are on the fish you can have a good day it's just that the back ups are always crap.

        we do not go there any more because of this, it's worth noting that whilst we had our club matches on pool 1 all the other new pools were taken for the open, now if pool 1 was any good that would be in the open and we would be on one of the others.