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Meadowlands-- Coventry/ Northants

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  • Meadowlands-- Coventry/ Northants

    Guys, I would love a bit of info on Meadowlands ,ie, average depth @ around 11M + 14M (need to make some rigs up).. obviously what method/baits/pegs etc are "hot" at the moment, and are keepnets allowed, cant see anything on their website....
    Reason is, going there on Sunday hopefully....any help, mucho appreciated!!

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    hi m8
    its got two lakes lambsdown and warren
    you cant use nets. depending on peg you get
    some pegs can drop to about 14ft the method feeder pole and
    pellet waggler work well and the candle boille meat corn paste
    pellet you might need to buy fishery own pellet hope this helps a little


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      Ive been told this place has banned 8mm pellets so that rules the pellet waggler out. To many people complaining the fish are to far out all the time. Shame really as it was an outstanding pellet waggler venue !!! I may be wrong tho, so please correct me if i am. Oh and you do have to buy the fishery own pellets


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        I fished a match on sunday on the big lake and i went through about 4 bags of there 8mm's. So unless they banned it on monday i think you are ok!


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          Think you might find that 8mm banned on warren only and has been for some time


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            Oh rite, sounds like someone has given me duff information then. I stand corrected