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New member from Gloucester.

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  • New member from Gloucester.

    Hello there.
    Just moved to the centre of Gloucester and wanted to find out a bit of inside knowledge about where to go. I have never lived around here so not sure where to start. Went to the local tackle shop and was told about Harescombe and the Canal. Fished the Canal Sunday evening and had a 4lb bream and skimmers at Hempsted. Is this fishing well at the moment the water is very coloured!! Do the Bream rove or stay in a particular area?
    Have fished a few matches in my time but because of time now tend to just grab a few sessions when ever I can.
    I am interested in a variety of fishing and like to very my venues therefore I want ideas that give the potential for:
    • A bag of bream
    • A bag of tench
    • Decent winter perch
    • Barbel & Chub for this weekend!
    • Or anywhere that produces a good mixed bag.

    I am happy to travel if its worth it!!
    In addition I would really like to know id there any venues around here that allow the use of keepnets?

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    Hi and welcome, I don't know the area that well having only just started fishing again since moving here...

    Harescombe has a few large perch in (i've had them to about 1.5lb) Plenty of silverfish but people fish there for the carp of which there are many!

    the Wye and Severn are a reasonable distance away for some chub and barbel...I had my first ever barbel from the Holme Lacy stretch this year during a match.

    A nice venue to try is the mill pool at sheepscombe nr painswick for a nice mixed bag...keepnets are provded. Full of ide but have had carp, koi, skimmers, perch and barbel.

    I am off down to hempsted tonight for a practice - but have not fished it before. I do know the bream do move about a bit through out the year but I don't know the patterns myself...


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      Cheers for that, I may give Painswick a bash, spoke to the owner today. May also try Leamington Lakes. Did you have much luck down at the canal in the end?


      • #4 not ask about the canal!! lol

        I fished peg 5 on the sim to rea stretch and blanked :-( I wasn't really prepared for it to be honest...thats what i keep telling myself

        I have a club match at the mill pool painswick on sunday - which should be worth a few bites.


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          Ah, I prob could have helped you out with info on that stretch as a comp was won on 1lb 8oz there a few sundays back whereas the same day the netheridge bend comp was won on 3 bream for 12lbish.

          The owner said there was a comp at Mill pool Sunday AM as I was thinking about going myself, I am in painswick sat so may have a look round. Let me know how you get on.

          So what club do you belong too?


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            try fishing the lake at stratford park in stroud.i did about 15 years was mental.had some huge tench from it.had to get a day ticket from the sports shop in the town centre.also send a private message to fordy 1.he fishes for daiwa gordon league,and im sure he can help you out.all the best.
            talk anglings villiage idiot:p


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              Mark I belong to Stroud AC...

              To fish stratford park as creepy suggests you need to be a member of stroud ac then its £3 for a day ticket. Tickets are from lobby's in stonehouse...


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                Hi Mark,

                Welcome to the site, and to Glos for that matter. There is loads of fishing round here and within an hour of just about anything you want.

                If you want a good mixed fishery where you can use a keepnet give Drummonds (aka Hartleton lake) a try. About 20 mins from Glos head for Upton Bishop (Via Newent). Loads of roach, skimmers, good bream, tench and very occaisional carp. £5 or £6 a day, pay on the bank.

                You should get a few decent roach with hemp on the canal at the moment, funny thing is i would have recommended Rea down, i used to live within walking distance of the bridge and had some great bags of roach in the evenings. Still things change i guess. Castle stretch should still be good for a few tho. If you want some serious canal breaming go further down the A38 to cambridge. You need to get there early tho !




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                  You can add Tirley and Staunton court to your list,
                  There is a match organised through this site at Tirley in October.

                  I fished a match at Painswick last Saturday, all the fish were coming out at the waterfall end guess where i drew

                  There are also a couple of stretches of free fishing on the Severn at Ripple and Upton I think the details are on the EA's website.

                  There is almost to much to choose from really, I'm just getting back into it this year after a long break.

                  I cant make up my mind wether to get a BAA licence next year for the Severn and Avon or get a Forets of Dean Angling Club licence as they have a stretch of the Wye.


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                    Originally posted by Robin Who? View Post
                    ...I fished a match at Painswick last Saturday, all the fish were coming out at the waterfall end guess where i drew ...
                    That end is alway the most productive...was that the match young Charlie won?


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                      Originally posted by jamie_c74 View Post
                      That end is alway the most productive...was that the match young Charlie won?
                      I'm not sure he is the son of a workmate, the comp was last saturday morning


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                        i think stratford park lake is free on a monday because its owned by the council but you still have to be a member.
                        also if your a member of stroud ac theres a cracking bit of the stroud water canal to fish where 50lb + of bream or carp are on the cards plus some bonus chub give it a go you wont be disapointed


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                          Originally posted by ghnoo View Post
                          i think stratford park lake is free on a monday because its owned by the council but you still have to be a member.
                          shh thats a secret lol

                          Yep the canal is great, although you would be lucky to get that many carp and bream now...several night lines have been found down there...but our 3hr matches evening sprints were won with 10lb-20lb (best was 30lb+). Pleasure sessions can be great on the right day...loads of skimmers and roach
                          Last edited by jamie_c74; 25 September 2009, 04:36 PM.


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                            Mill pool looks good, seemed to be mainly small stuff being caugh, roach, skimmers and crucians, Is there much bigger stuff i.e 1lb and above? any particular tactics and baits a proven winner? esp for the bigger stuff?


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                              there are ide to over a a pound but not to much bigger...the carp run to about 8lb. Best pegs for the carp seems to be the pegs either side the lodge.

                              Tactics that work for me are chop worm and caster fished at 8m (or so) on the pole...and pellet for the carp in the edge by the reed or out if there are any lillys - you need a feature for the carp.