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Grange farm - Doncaster

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  • Grange farm - Doncaster

    Hi Guys,
    Has anybody got any info on this place as I have got a match there next week , I don't know anything baout the place so any info at would be much appreciated.
    PM me if you need to be a secret squirrel about the place or you have the top info.


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    dont know what the bans are here but paste works well most of the back pegs are good but as you look at it from the car park there is an off shot the peg on the car park side at the entrance to the off shot is the flyer m8 record came out of that one but would deffo have a practice before you do the match meat up in the water was working just fine a month ago cubed 6mm small feeder up to the island and pole to the back of the island
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      Fished it about 3 weeks ago.. feeder out to the island..pole 6-8mt out or REALLY tight in the margins. No blood worm or jokers allowed, at the moment paste and pellet should be your best bet. A word of warning... you have to use their nets.. CHECK THEM... (load of crap.. with more holes than my knitting !!) and DONT lift your nets out, owner weighs you in and gets a bit stroppy if you handle his fish ( nearly had a fit when 1 of our lot lifted his keep net out). Dont really rate the place.. but.. it means the fellas are brought down to my level.. LOL
      Hope this helps.

      Hope you have a good day, Jacky

      P.S. check your route.. because of a bridge being out there is a detour.. head for stainforth and back route to grange.
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        has anybody had a match at grange farm recently because ive got a match in about 2 week jst wondering what theyve been catching on and what weights theyve had

        cheers luke