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manor farm island pool

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  • manor farm island pool

    hi guys got match at manor farm island pool next week hows it fishing and what baits etc


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    I fished it other week came 3rd in our club match with 107 pound fished peg 34 method to island with red dead maggots fish all day but on small side my mate won match on peg 24 pinging on pole line hook no float just keep feeding hope this helps. Pellet wag also worth a try just fish to your strenths all methods work.


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      ok thanks was he pinging with pellets or dead maggots


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        All the Manor Farm open results are here,

        Also im sure Fordy has posted advice for island pool several times, try the search window.

        Steves right tho, stick to your strongest method, its solid with fish.

        Also i thought you had to use a float there now ? but i could be wrong of course.


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          pellets at about 13 to 16 mtrs do you know what pegs your on


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            I had a second place two weeks ago off peg 11 (was our bonus peg as well, and the final of our individial knock out!)

            Fished voodoo on the method upto the island alternating from corn to pellet, to small cylinders of meat.

            Double corn got me a better stamp of fish.

            Dont forget, boilies are banned.

            All the best
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              i came 4th in the open on there today with 79 pound with 4m expander pellets at 8 metres of peg 36 115 won it off peg 38 but pellet wag and method work well on there aswell....


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                hi well done for results on matches, right just found out we are pegs 1 to 25


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                  hi guys can you use groundbait here ?


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                    U can use anything apart from bloodworm/joker,boilies.No bait limits,any pellets,floaters,elastic feeders,no rules really,that way no one can be cheating.


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                      thanks fordy let you all know weekend