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Venues around Crawley/E Grinstead in the SE

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  • Venues around Crawley/E Grinstead in the SE

    There seem to be a cluster of day ticket waters around here. The wife has insisted I go somewhere different to Bury Hills where I have spent the entirety of my fishing career (okay that's just two trips I admit). Any thoughts/ratings on the following:

    Beaver Lakes
    Gabriel's Farm (a little further West)
    Lakeview (Carpers only ?)

    Obviously if I've missed anywhere good around here, let me know.

    Godstone Vineyard lake/pond/puddle is even closer to home (Croydon)

    I'll be going Friday early. As you may have gathered I'm not a carper/matchman/specimen hunter, just want to catch, and if possible catch a variety of species in a variety of sizes in pleasant surroundings (Oh, and yes I've visited Stubspond before you mention the building-site nature of this venue), with friendly people and no dope, radios or pit bulls.

    If this is your kind of pleasure angling then what baits or methods do you suggest, and finally where's the nearest place to these to get some maggots early.

    Thanks for anything

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    Excuse my cockney double negative bump, but..

    "What, nobody knows nuffink !?"

    I'm off there in the morning, and still can't decide between Stubspond, Beavers or Woodpeckers.


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      i can see its a bit too late but i have fished most of where you mentioned and yes bury hill is the nicest for scenary.

      been visiting Woodpeckers latley and having a good catch of 6lb mirror, 8lb+ common, nice bream and so on, fishing the end lake which i cant remember the name but remember its peg 31 over the bridge fishing from the island.

      normally fishing the Method or small PVA bag with 6 pieces of corn 10 hemp with rock salt in to stop the PVA bag from melting with single corn on the hook.

      Although did hook into something rather large 18lb+ on a waggler and punched bread last week but unable to land on my lightened up winter tackle.

      hope it helps ???
      "what you dont even eat the fish you catch?!?"
      "whats the point of that?"