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Calke Abbey, South Derbyshire

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  • Calke Abbey, South Derbyshire

    Has anyone fished, or heard any news/stories about these lakes.
    They're located via a village called Ticknall, and there are apparantley 3 ponds.

    Quite interested in this for next year, but have never really heard anything about them.

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    Dont think they are fishable as such,or even if they are stocked with fish,bin to Calke loads a times and never seen anyone fish there m8.


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      Hi Mick.

      They're part of a club of 80 members (was quite shocked myself), and spoke to to the secretary yesterday.
      £40 for the year, 5 lakes (3 at Calke, 1 at Limeyards and a small stretch of the Trent near Willington).
      2 lakes are silver fish (+Limeyards), one has mostly carp and one has a mixture. There's another in Barrow which holds a good head of tench.
      Apparantley, although not regularly throughout the season, Carp are up to 20lb+, perch up to 4lb, and some good heads of tench and bream.

      Due to it being part of English Heritage, there are certain rules and regulations on stuff, but didn't really listen to those bits.

      Apparantley some very good tench/bream/skimmer fishing on them.

      They sound idillic due to being left to nature as much as possible. Also sounds ye olde worlde.

      Probably most interested for two reasons. Waggler is a good tactic and they allow keepnets (I know its not everyone ideal, but was bought one for my b'day, and really would like to get the most from it).
      It will probably allow me to improve on what I know and do, and will hopefully lose my addiction to carp fishing

      Will go and have a look, but at the moment, seems quite a fair option for a fisherman like me.


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        Yep sounds good to me bud,i am suprised like i say never seen anyone fishing there when i went,but don't deny you are correct,must admit beautiful surroundings.


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          Well i'm defo going to have a look round first.
          A bit of a risk, but 80 members for 5 lakes sounds like heavon
          I tried to get a day pass, but I couldnt really get one (unless there is a member on here willing to take me).

          From what they said, it doesn't sound like a major carp hotspot, but good bream, tench and general silver fishing. After looking at, and speaking to a few people on the trent near here, it certainly sounds like a better option than that.

          I may chicken out at the last minute, but its certainly taking my fancy for next season.

          BTW - Had a wierd evening at Springwood yesterday. Must have fed the swim properly (which I probably don't usually do), and first fish out was a 7-10lb carp. Gorgeous. Only managed to get out a couple of one pounders after that, but for the last 1.5 hours, it was a bite every 2-3 minutes in the margins. I had a couple come off the hook when bringing them in, and one that snapped the line (created an almighty bow as it pegged it to the island).
          I reackon I might have been too deep, as I kept missing the bites.

          Will let you know what I think of Calke. Would be good to chat with one of two anglers there (if I ever see one).


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            just wondered if anyone had a contact for calke lakes as i may be interested in joining but cant seem to find anywhere to apply,many thanks.


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              Hey Bogpicker.

              How did you get on? I've sent an email seeing if there will be any spare places left for the coming season. Had a quick look on google maps and images, and looks quite amazing (although I read that one pool is now a reserve for cray fish).


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                spoke to the secretary myself and it does sound worth a look,gonna try and have a proper look round as the weather picks up.


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                  Me too. I spoke to him yesterday.
                  Sounds too good to be true, but a good price for what you get.
                  Thinking that I will join, as everything is within 10-15 minutes from home.

                  Like yourself though, will have a quick look around over the weekend.


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                    Originally posted by shiny_bottom_1 View Post
                    Me too. I spoke to him yesterday.
                    Sounds too good to be true, but a good price for what you get.
                    Thinking that I will join, as everything is within 10-15 minutes from home.

                    Like yourself though, will have a quick look around over the weekend.
                    shiney pop over my way (measham)Oakthorpe lake is a freebie. for a spot some time would be nice to meet a local TA member also someone who may be able to teach me a little of the basics lol.
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                      Hi Tarks. I know of the place. A little further out my way, but might give it a go this season - Will let you know.

                      Hi Bogpicker. Had a look round Calke today. Can't believe I have lived within a few miles for the last 6-7 years, and never been to Calke. So what to say. Well. Surroundings are gorgeous. However, i'm having reservations on 2 counts. The first is that the lakes are anywhere from 1 minute from the car park, to up to 15 minutes depending on which lake you go to (and the further away is up and down steps along paths). The second is that there is a public pathway around some of the lakes, and also some off beat tracks elsewhere on the other lakes. So during the weekends and summer holidays, I can imagine at least a fair few hundred (not sure of the number of visitors, but possibly 500+) people walking around you when fishing. Not sure actually how you can get to the other side of one of the lakes as its a very steep drop. Some of the pegs are also quite literally on the path. Not too bothered about people stopping and talking, but can imagine quite a few feet stamping quite close to some expensive equipment.

                      For me, I think i'm going to keep it in mind, but am going to have a look at a few other places.

                      There are a couple of other lakes off site, and a little bit of the trent.

                      It is beautiful, and probably good value for money, but would recommend having a look around to see if it is something for you.


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                        im not sure which of the lakes at calke these are as ive been to some today and their packed right in the wood so i cant imagin anybody walking past their.Looking round though some of the pegs are worn and you can see where somone has had a bankstick in. I think i know which one of the lakes it i know what you mean about the walkers.

                        Hope this made some sense


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                          Hi FID.

                          From what I saw, where you can fish have pathways around the lakes. There are parts which are next too woods, but the banks looked too steep to go down and fish.
                          I think they had about 80 members, so most be interesting to quite a few.
                          In the end, I think i'm going to do commercials again this year. However, we are now thinking of moving, and have found a house within walking distance of the trent and mersey canal. Don;t tell the missus though its so close


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                            aha, im thinking of joing derby railway angling as they have lots of water round this area, rivers, canals and commies!