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White Acre

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  • White Acre

    Im hoping to go down to White Acres in the next couple of weeks.

    What lakes - pegs are best to head towards?

    I will have a choice of waggler or ledger rods

    Looking to get as many bites as i can on the pleasure lakes

    What baits are best?

    What methods are best?

    In the summer i know its easy to pick up a load of fish but now the weather hs dropped i have no clue on what to try.

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    Cockney Blanker is the man you need to talk to mate.
    Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.


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      cheers :-)


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        Just got back from winners week done rubbish in matches fishin very hard. But had daughter and her boyfriend with me who have not fished caught loads pleasure fishing on polawyn peg 16 and sycamore peg 5 fish seem to turn on about 3.30 pm but we did catch loads carp upto 10 pound straiht lead into bay on sycamore feed a few 8mls over the top and method to island on polawyn straight lead best fished about half way fed 6mls over top hope this helps twin oaks was fishin very hard best lake of week in matches was acorn.


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          thanks Steve


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            Sorry bait on hook for method feeder anythin from pellet corn or dead reds just keep tryin different ones also found groundbait fished a little better than pellets on method


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              never used method before so best do some research


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                Here's a copy of a couple of PMs I sent to another member who was asking me about it recently:

                "The on-site shop is very well stocked and staffed with very knowledgeable anglers, so you will have no problems once you are there.
                Pellets have become the number one bait, as they often do once they are allowed on a fishery. Paste, meat and corn all catch well and casters and worms are needed for silvers.
                The method feeder has been allowed recently and this has accounted for plenty of weights.
                I would think that the weather would be very changeable when you visit, so fishing for silvers may be a reliable option. Jenny's Lake is brilliant for catching skimmers and F1s long on worms over chop and caster while feeding casters short for quality roach.
                On Python, head for the swims in the bay (think it's around peg 14 or 15?) and fish the feeder across for F1s on corn or dead red maggots.
                For proper carp Twin Oaks can be very good fishing the waggler across with corn on the hook. Feed only two or three grains of corn at a time and try to fish as tight in as possible. Look for a gentle ripple and fish the swim on the edge of it for best results.
                Paste or meat down the edge will work on here as well.

                There has been a lot of activity over the last two weeks and still one more festival to go before things start to get quieter. The tackle shop staff will know exactly who has been catching where and the tactics and baits, so you should definitely get advice from them once you arrive, they will be far more up to date than I am."


                "You might be best to work on accuracy by fishing Sycamore and casting as tight as you can to an island. Make sure you aim at something on the island like a tree, so you know the feeder is landing in the same spot every time.
                Before you start fishing, have a few casts with just a bomb on and clip the line up once you get close to the island. Try to cast and then take the rod up straight over your head while the bomb is in the air. When the line goes tight and hits the clip, you should be able to lower the bomb into the water on a tight line without too much splash. You will now be able to leave the feeder in exactly the spot where it landed, very important, but still get a couple of turns of line back on the reel as insurance for if the fish runs.
                It sounds complicated, but if you get the chance to watch our film as I said before, it is much easier to understand by watching someone else do it.
                Once you have the correct distance, you can swap the bomb for your Method feeder and start fishing.
                Probably better to cast every five minutes now it is getting colder. erhaps try dampened micro pellets on the feeder instead of groundbait as well.

                As for fishing the pole for silvers on Jennys, just keep some casters going in and set up rigs to fish on the bottom (around 5-6' at 9m) and shallow because the bigger roach will come right up for the loose feed.
                If you are getting fast bites on the shallow rig, then you need to adjust the depth. Once you find the correct depth, the bites will be much slower and easier to hit.
                If you see swirls in the water, try holding the rig out of the water on a tight line and waiting for the elastic to pull out. Probably need just the bulk shot under water with no droppers, just push all the shot down to about 18" from the hook and hold on. The fish you get by doing this will be the biggest roach in the lake.

                Hope you have a great time down there, let me know if there's anything else you want to know."

                As with Jim, drop me a PM or email if there is anything else you need to know specifically, or if you fancy a crack on another venue.


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                  that is spot on Steve,

                  Thanks a lot for that it is really helpful

                  fingers crossed for this weekend then :-)

                  i have never fished with a method feeder before.

                  what is a good grounbait/pellet mix to start with?


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                    buy a bag of sonubaits mix they sell on site you will get a free method feeder with it and its really easy to mix just add a couple of pints of water if you can get a preston method mould they are excellent see if you can get hold of des ships free video he explains it all local tackle shops should have it or ask some one in shop to explain its a fairly easy way to fish but gets good results hair rigging baits best but a couple of dead reds on a 16 worth a go ood luck and have fun.


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                      Sorry you can also buy a bag of whitacres micros tip half bag in bait box just add water till pellets are just covered leave for about an hour if its cold and there readyto go if they are a bit damp add a little groundbait to stiffen.


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                        thanks for the help :-) it is much appreciated