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Alvechurch, Hunnington, Day House

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  • Alvechurch, Hunnington, Day House

    West Midlands guys - perhaps you can help

    I have earmarked next sunday for a trip out to a pool, but I don't know the area too well and only have internet and magazine featured pools to choose from right now.

    Could anyone give me the best option out of these three ?

    Alvechurch - featured recently in IYCF magazine looks nice enough, there are some trees round the place which I prefer to an open hole.. but searching the forum I've turned up some bad reports....

    Hunnington - featured in Angler's Mail and also I drive past this place on the way to work every day... checked the website but it doesn't really look like my type of place, very open and featureless.

    DayHouse - Again looks featureless but it's more "out the way", I haven't read much about the place really but I'm open minded.

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    hi mate i know its a but late
    but ive fished all three and to be hones alvechurch best by far since its been re-opened i have match record there at the moment its only 90lb but im sure next year it will be well over a ton

    you definately need to have the method set up there chuck it too the island and your granteed a bite or more

    well hunnington fished there for years so need so info personal message me