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Bewdley Severn Advice

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  • Bewdley Severn Advice

    hello, looking to fish the Severn at Bewdley but not sure of the best place to go? any advice on where the good swims are would be appreciated.
    I know where Stans tackle shop is but that all.
    Looking to catch some good chubb, roach and dace.

    Thanks for any help


    Have been fishing the opens at Shrewsbury but the weights have been rubbish! where are the silver fish?

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    Well i fished the weit at Holt fleet yesterday (BAA), apart from a few knocks on pellet feeder i had nothing to report from that rod. My other rod was a feeder, with a 16 hook, and through the day, used worm, maggot, caster, and corn on it.

    I had a gudgeon or a dace on every single cast with maggot, caster, or worm, and couldnt buy a bite on sweetcorn. Proper done me head in. I was using 12mm pellets on me other rod, and i know think, that pellets this big are to big on the river.

    Honestly reckon you could catch gudgeon there every single cast for 8 hours.


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      I fished Shrewsbury Saturday 11 till 4. 2 rods, 1 x waggler and 1 x stick using maggot. My sum total was 1 gudgeon and half a dozen small roach.

      I read that the river at Bewdley is having some good competition weights but I don't know whereabouts?
      Was thinking of going over on Friday for a pleasure session but dont know where to fish?

      Any help, anyone?


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        try ironbridge mate on the dawley water should be plenty of roach,chub and dace showing down there nice, slow and deep and there is always the chance of a bonus barbel


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          phil, been catching mostly on 6 and 8mm pellets this year. but i think they are now wising up to pellets, Match on Bridgnorth as waters last weekend, not one fish caught on pellet, according to brian Preece's column in local rag.


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            check the K.D.A.A. results pegs no and method suplyed