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Help, help help ((((( hampton springs))))) help help help

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  • Help, help help ((((( hampton springs))))) help help help

    Can anyone help i am fishing hampton springs sunday on the rock pool any advice


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    Originally posted by simon48820 View Post
    Can anyone help i am fishing hampton springs sunday on the rock pool any advice

    Hi mate. I'm there Sunday too fishing the Shropshire Winter League. We're on the the rest, bit gutted as The Rock is one of the best.

    I havent fished it for a fair while.

    the usual things work. You can only use maggot feeders, which they usuallly check. Most cut the holes bigger or make slits to allow the feed pellets out easier. Corn/pellet usually on hook on feeder. Corn/caster/pellet down the margins but all things have their day from maggot/meat etc. (I know thats basically all the baits!!) Dont dicount up in the water on open water areas

    Rock 3 feeder in between islands, Rock 8 fish to edge of island (if they're there could win match), Rock 10 bit of a flyer pole to the airater/feeder to back of island.

    The bay from 11 to 16ish not in usually. Rock 17ish and pegs with back to the Meadow can throw up a few weights (chuck a feeder to island where u can) Pegs with back to the parking can win the pool, again throw to island (cant remember the peg(s) but u can throw feeder up the back of island into the middle towards Rock 10).

    As said not upto speed with how its been fishing lately but u can try the website hamptonspringsfishery and look up match results which gives framing pegs etc.
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      Thanks mate great


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        here are the results for hampton springs for the last few matches
        .Jamie Hughes Maver Midland & Bag em baits 57lbs1oz Poplars/ 9 25lb chub, roach, barbel on maggots to island. 32lb carp in margins pellet
        2.Colin Mayer Drennan North West 56lbs Rock pool / 28 35lbs carp to 10lb at 13m on pellet/corn. 21lb stockies, crucians, tench
        3.Peter Price Saints 55lbs4oz Rock pool / 9 all carp to 12lb, feeder and tip to back of gap on meat, pole at 14.5m on pellet
        4. Chris Hill Mossella 47lbs8oz Poplars / 11 pole 7 pellet at 14.5m to lily pads on pellet, carp to 8lb & chub

        Date: Sunday, October 11, 2009

        Position Team Weight Lake/Peg Comments
        1.Steve Clegg Saints 70lbs8oz Meadows/ 21 barbel & carp, maggot & pellets
        2.Martin Harrell Maver Midlands 40lbs11oz Long island / 30 capr, tench, sweetcorn pole at 14m
        3.Matt McDermott Maver Midlands 40lbs4oz Long island / 40 carp pole at 14m pellet & corn

        Date: Saturday, October 10, 2009

        Position Team Weight Lake/Peg Comments
        1.Martin Churchill weston tackle 90lbs Rock pool/ 28 15lbs crucians & silvers. 75lbs carp to 14lb. Pellet & expanders at 13m
        2.Tom Gollins total angling 56lbs14oz Rock pool / 9 10lb silvers, 47lbs carp to 10lb. tip & feeder to island, corn in margins, pellet at 14m
        3.Jamie Hughes Maver Midlands 49lbs8oz Poplars / 12 29lb cub, roach,barbel on maggot. 20lb carp on pellet
        4. Kev Williams Deggy's tackle 48lbs4oz Rock pool / 27 all carp to 10lb, pellet at 10m

        Date: Saturday, October 03, 2009

        Position Team Weight Lake/Peg Comments
        1.Chris Diamond Eddies Bait Supplies 64lbs Rock pool/ 4 all carp to 10lb, pellet & corn on tip to island
        2.Keith Bean Eddies Bait Supplies 37lbs12oz Rock pool / 11 capr to 8lb & stockies/crucians. Pellet at 10m & corn/pellet margins
        3.Neil Purcell Unattached 34lbs12oz Rock pool / 23 all carp to 12lb on feeder to gap on island, pellet/corn/meat

        Date: Sunday, September 27, 2009

        Position Team Weight Lake/Peg Comments
        1.John Raby Leigh Tackle 80lbs6oz Rock pool