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what baits for larford lakes

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  • what baits for larford lakes

    hi all going to larford lakes next weekend what baits work best now its geting colder?
    also shall i fish shallow deep. all tips would be great.
    fishing the match lake.
    cheers guys

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    never fished it mate but heard pellet and corns catching fish but been told that catching up in the water occasionaly


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      pellet pellet pellet and more pellet


      • #4
        bit new to fishing when you say pellet do you mean pellet on the hook or loose feed pellet at my hook bait. also does anyone know if you have to take your own pellets or use theres? cheers for your help


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          rich, you have to use fishery feed pellets, but you can use any hook pellet, 4 and 6mm expanders on hook, method feeder catching, but must be running feeder. Have a look on here Larford Lakes : Welcome to Larford Lakes. check out the rules page theres quite a few. good luck


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            Hi Rich, hair rigged hard pellet,dead red maggots, sweet corn on the method you dont have to chuck it far,pellet waggler is only worth a few fish,on the pole line fish banded hard pellet and strike if it moves, hope this helps.


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              sorry to be a pain but what size pellets do you guys use on the band also has anyone got a website which says how to tie it on to the hook as i will be making some rigs up tomorrow night for sataday. best make pellets also would be a good help so i can buy some from the tackle shop before i go.#thanks for all your help greatly appreciated


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                Big pellet

                HI ya won our last club match there when we traveled up from north devon. fished the method bout 14m out and a hard strawberry pellet done the damage... was hectic.. but a few of em did well on a bunch of dead maggot. hope this a bit of help too you.... ask if want any more info. cheers.
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