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The dleights of the River Severn

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  • The dleights of the River Severn

    When the water comes down I am thinking of fishing the Severn at Stourport, Bewdley, North Worcs, anyone fished any of the day ticket stretches for Chub and Barbel and care to share their thoughts.

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    BAA do day tickets mate so you have a big choice.

    The lock island at Holt fleet is a good spot. Alveley has been ok, but overall its been a struggle on the severn this year, not sure why, although a mate of mine has found dead pike and barbel upstream past Bridgnorth, and is positive there is an influx of otters, so maybe they have come further south as well.


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      Thanks, I am new to the river scene, What sort of methods are best for barbel, I assume you need a heavy feeder to hold the bottom, is it best watching a quiver tip, or setting up a pod with alarms and sitting back, I assume barbel usually grab the bait and run like carp?


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        Just use a heavy feeder rod,barbel rod or light carp rod,10 mm halibut pellet on a PROPER barbel hook,8-10 lb hook length,(6 if no snags/smaller fish)fish a big feeder,4mm pellets will be ok as feed,but i use hemp mixed in.big fish are hard to find on the severn,the best place is the warwickshire avon at twyford or harvington(manorfarmleisure),as the river is smaller/narrower,and the fish are ALLWAYS on certain pegs/areas,Manor may be the best bet as twyford is nite fished etc so gets hammered,early morning 5-9 or evening ,hour before darkness till just after dark,u can fish for a few hours and get no bites then get 3 in 3 casts,its when they 'switch on'the fish at these 2 places aint record breakers but go to 15lb plus,and MANY doubles.the weight of the feeder is obviously dependant on flow etc,but 3-4 oz of lead can be used even 6 - 8 in heavy flood.


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          Didn't know you could do proper fishing Fordy

          With regard to otters - they are here!! I've seen them on the teme - well tracks and half a sea trout anway!


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            Thats why i'm an ANGLER not a FISHERMAN