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Kennett & Avon Canal Bathampton

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  • Kennett & Avon Canal Bathampton

    Hi all,

    I am seriously thinking of fishing a few opens this Winter on the K&A through Bathampton. When I last fished these fantastic sections as a Junior for Bathampton in '96 I did very well. Mainly Ferry Lane and Limpley Stoke.
    I was just wondering if much has changed tactics wise and are there any no go areas now? I Did hear Ferry Lane had the banks dug out years back and a few classic snags have been removed.

    Info for Hardings Bridge to Claverton would be very much appreciated.

    Tactics & Baits I used then were:

    Light rigs on all pole lines.
    Punch Bread over liquidised Bread.
    Maggots, Pinkies and Squats.
    Chop Worm and Caster

    Cheers.. Pete

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    tactics are the same, a lot of punch fishing in winter, normally wins most matches unless bream show. thats what ive heard. l but you can pm ackoo , he knows it well. cheers mate.
    :confused: WOW, things have changed.:confused:


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      Punch has been good,fished its nuts off last year in AT Winter League and Commercial House,20lb weights were caught from Claverton ( Old Lock ) rite through to Diggers Yard all on the punch,there was a 40lb weight from Dundas Aquaduct aswell on worm,bathhampton bend has been producing also.


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        do you know andy curry??? mate,it hasnt really changed a lot.i fished it for the last four years in the at winter league.preston innovation thatchers are the team to beat on it now.a lot of bloodworm and joker fishing too.liccky braed and punch will always catch you fish,along with pinkie and chopped worm and caster.its a very popular venue now,and will be a semi final venue this year,as it was last year.i fished the turning bay at claverton,and had 14lb of skimmers and roach,my mate fished the waggler and caster,and had 40lb!!the bigger perch are still there,as is the dog poo,joggers,cyclists and walkers.the person to speak to is kev dicks.he runs almost all the matches on the canal now.try looking on the bathampton website. if you need more info,i'll try my best mate.cheers ade.
        talk anglings villiage idiot:p


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          There are 2 opens on the canal this weekend, which will be the first matches held there for many months, Kev Dicks runs all the matches. These act as a practise for anglers fishing the last 2 rounds of the ATWL which are on the canal. I'm fishing Saturday myself.

          What everyone else has said is correct, bread is best and you do need a good start to the match otherwise it can be hard to compete. The canal has a good depth across in nearly all sections and so can throw up decent perch and roach, and the odd pike ! B&J will catch you fish later on in the hard sections and is more important the colder it is. Last year when the weather was mild the skimmers fed well, when it was cold and clear it was roach with the odd skimmer. You'll be assured of bites, but the quality you catch will make or break the chances of coin. Draw an end peg and your chances will be vastly improved!

          You do need to be careful with your pole, I don't ship across the towpath it simply asks for trouble..


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            Thanks for the help and info guys. I will be trying for the Sunday opens with a bit of luck. I might struggle for this weekend now as my new set of waterproofs will not be sent in time.

            Creepy, the Name Andy Curry doesn't ring a bell, but if your on about team members back then, I used to fish with Ben Leach and Coach Poach (Shane) under Bathampton Coach Rod Bracey.

            P.S My Spell checker changed Kennet to (Kennett) Missed that on the edit!