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Lodge farm fishery, silver fish lake

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  • Lodge farm fishery, silver fish lake

    Fishing a match on the silver fish lake (top lake) next week has any one got any info on best methods baits etc.

    cheers steve
    Steve Davies

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    Take lots of chopped worm/caster. Won a match last year with 44lb of skimmers. Do you know what pegs your on?


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      Cheers mpo38, i think we have got the lake, which are the fliers. Also looking at the web site it goes to 6ft on the first shelf then down to 16ft on the second, do you have to fish the deeper water or can you catch the skimmers on the first shelf. steve.
      Steve Davies


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        Hi D N W

        If you get drawn on a island peg on the road side, don't get caught out like me some big carp to be had, i got smashed 3 times befor i got them sussed out. Fish pellet between the large over hanging trees and hold on. But small micro pellet and swim stim ground bait works well for the skimmers.

        Regards Waggman


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          hi all, i too have a match here but on the island lake. Not fished it before so any help would be good. I was just gonna fish pellet with pole and feeder wat you guys think?


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            Fished a match last season and had a all skimmer catch of 37lb, all up in the water, take plenty of choppy and caster.


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              Long island pond

              Fish up in the water about 12" to 18" deep, with or without a float on the line, (floating pole if nessersary). Feed casters with a single caster on the hook and you will catch all day, but you have to keep feeding a small pouch of casters every 20 seconds.


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                Thanks for the help fished the match on 8th of may, won my section and came second overall with 18lb of skimmers on worm over worm and groundbait. All my gear is for carp waters so bringing skimmers in from 14 mtrs on 10 hollow elastic (my lightest) takes some doing without bumping them of.

                For a silver fish lake i was beaten by 3 big carp by a so called silver fish expert who slags of carp venues just my luck.
                Steve Davies