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  • elmbridge

    has any one got any idea how elmbridge herron pool is fishing got our second match of the season this sunday any tips and methods appriciated cheers

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    pm my mate (floater) he fished it a couple off weeks ago


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      It Fished hard the other week mate, if its anything like it was when i fished it a couple of years back just take cat meat and corn. If your on shallow side, a line at 13 meters to start off on coming down onto a line at 6 meters whilst feeding the margins at the bottom of the shelf and on top, that seemed to be the norm really. It was a bit too shallow on top of the shelf down the margins for my liking so fished down the shelf where you could keep them coming a bit more, Cat meat use to be an awsome bait down there but whether it stil is i cant really tell you.


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          Superb venue, how good are the fishermen in your club if they are only average club anglers, then use chopped worm and casters at about 10 mtrs, the place is stuffed with quality silver fish,the carp will take it also.

          Best of luck.

          let us know how you got on
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            that was me plan to fish caster over choped worm thers some good anglers in the club well better than me but that dont take allot lol any ideas on depts so i can prepaire some rigs saves messing about when i get ther swaping an changeing rigs


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              fished it to day waste of time came 5th with 7lb6 realy hard goin and fish in poor health riped lips scabs on sorse 60lb won it on the feeder off the island 2nd 10lb8 all caught but waste of time and money