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Bowesfield Brick Pond... (Stockton)

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  • Bowesfield Brick Pond... (Stockton)

    Hi all, I have been fishing since I was little (aged 15 now) and I am used to fishing at woodland lakes in thirsk, without realising what a good water bowesfield brick pond is, which is within a 5 minute walk from my house. I went last week for a few hours originally going for pike, however lost hope after a hour or so and started legering with a worm that surfaced in the mud next to me, and I pulled out a 5lb tench, just wondered whats the best way to fish the water and are there any hot spots? I was in the peg where the lillies are in the corner, first peg I reached in the cover from the wind, and my Dad also got a 2lb tench, should we stick to that peg with worm? Or would there be better baits?


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    Well, I went, was in the water by about 6:30 and by 6:35 had a little jack pike, just got back and I had nothing after the pike , still had a great time though and i'm back in time for the match!


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      Anyone with experiance of the lake - I'd still appreciate any info you have on it Thanks.


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        Seems as if not many people have caught this year, probably because of the weather we have had.


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          Just like to update - I got a 8lb pike and a 4lb tench the other day from here, and there are 3 20+ carp in there!


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            hiya mate i used to fish the brickie many years ago, it was a bit hit and miss but dead cheap to fish, do you know if theres still a good head of pike in there still as this is my main line of fishing now if so what bait do you recommend thinkin of givin it a go sometime this week. cheers mate Mick.


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              brick pond stockton

              hi all

              has anyone fished this over the last 12 months

              and can i get some general info such as how i get a day ticket , how much etc

              also can some one tell me what species of fish are in there and the best baits spots etc

              cheers guys



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                Hiya ted ive been fishing the brickie quite a bit lately its in this weeks anglers mail in the where to fish section there are a lot of decent tench to around 9lb and poss the odd double as well as carp to 20 30 lb rudd roach and pike,it fishes well to most baits to be honest,tickets are on the bank for about 4 Quid though you can become a member for a year at about 26 quid all the gen is in the mail tho mate hope this helps a liitle anything else just ask me .

                cheers Mick.


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                  The Brick Pond

                  I have lived in stockton now for around 2 years and in them two years i have fished the bricky countless times however i have only ever caught one little perch and i think that was just because of pure luck, latley i have been fishing there and there hasnt even been a bite im not sure if it is just because of the cold weather or what but i do know that it does need a good clean out and restocked.

                  it cant be something rong im doing because every one there is saying there not getting any bites or not even a little nock to their float or bite alarm even can any body help me or give me some tips ?