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mallory park

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  • mallory park

    hi guys and gals. any one fished mallory park lately . im goin on 23rd of this month pleasure fishing. ive heard its absolutly solid . anyone any advice or methods or do i really need any?

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    Take some earplugs with you, them racing cars dont half make a racket !
    [FONT="Arial Black"]Anyone got any bread ? ;) [/FONT]


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      I've got a match on the 22nd on the glebe which is part of the same complex were on lake 1 2 4 5 6 so any info on this as well please, i can let you know friday night on the 22nd our i get on if you are on this complex.


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        I'll,also, be interested in the form here. Fishing the Glebe 12 July!!
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          we are on the foundation lake. just heard i need 8 tins of corn and 6 - 8 pints of hemp. regular told me if my hands are dry im not feeding enuff! you gotta really fill it in.


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            foundation lake 5 m pole loads of corn 12 tins lay of the hemp as the small roach will swarm over your hemp and do your head in the pellet/paste feeder works on the pegs with the end of islands in front of them
            the margins are very shallow but will/do hold fish in the last hour
            how many are fishing (MORE SPACE THE BETTER)




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              thanks for that torchwood. thre are only 3 of us and we are going as guests as a mate of my mate who is a member there. he keeps telling me how good it is and how many fish are in there. find it hard to beeleeve meself tho. looking forward to it tho . thats some corn that tho eh? cheers.