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help me....... Boddington!

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  • help me....... Boddington!

    hiya people....... ive got a match coming up on boddington can i have some advise how to fish this venue??


    Mark Malin!

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    Depends upon which pegs you're on.
    1. Method feeder fished out 30yds plus. Use dead maggot, corn, pellet on hook. Greenstim groundbait. Cast down the same hole every cast if you can.

    2. Pole at 7 - 10 meters. Cup in loads of pellet and corn and fish over the top with paste on the hook..

    3. Feeder over the pole line. Cast feeder at 7 - 10meters and the fire pellet over the top. Keep feeding and feeding until the tip goes round. Fish pellet, corn or paste on the hook.

    4. Pole very close in. Fish top 2 on the inside. Mind the rocks!!. Feed lots of balls of pellets and fish paste on the hook. Keep feeding and feeding.

    5. Pellet waggler. Fish as far out as you can feed with 6mm pellets. You will need lots of bait for this method. Try variations in depth.

    The fish average 4 - 5lbs now with some up to 10+

    Let us know how you get on


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      cheers fred very greatfull!


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        I think Fred got his advice spot on .
        We fish a match last sat. pegs 48 to 72 all the above methods worked our match was won with 147lb peg 68 on pellet wag 6mm pellets. i came second with 126lbs off the top with dog biscuit lad net to me came 3rd fish a chuck on the method at 30 yards he was getting 2 to my every 1 but my fish were running to around 7lbs. lad on 69 had 116lbs on the method. lads in the lower pegs who had good weights there was a 95, 87, 65,lbs all had fish off the top but like fred says keep the bait going in on what every method you fish. i was fishing .21 bottoms foxs series 2 hooks only lost 1 fish snaping me losts about 4 pulling out so there no need to fish light.
        Hope this helps Mick


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          glad to have been of service

          Glad you had a good day.


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            Mark, let us know how you get on and what worked... ideally post the results of your match onto the site and tell those fishing your match that they will have their names up on t'internet!
            Simon Young
            Talk Angling UK fishing chat and tackle
            web design Doncaster - Limitless Digital


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              i found out im on the dam wall! if that narrows it down chaps!.....................


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                Good draw, You want to be close to peg 1, this is the better end.

                Same methods as above apply. Good luck. Try the cat meat as well.