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messingham sands

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  • messingham sands

    Hi guys

    Fishing the island pool at messingham soon, and would be greatful for any info such as methods, bait, and pegs which you could offer as i have never fished the venue befor. Noticed Bingo Wings has placed a tread on the venues section, let me know how you went on mate.

    Regards Waggman.

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    Come on lads help me out, someone out there must have fished the island lake!


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      fished it several times stuffed carp hold around features and bomb and pellet (fishery own) is the method but beware these carp are physco will pull rod in on the bite often 8lb maxima and similar strong hooklength is needed hook and hold fire big pellet out regular (donkey chokers as we call em) also solid with silvers skimmers and tench plus rudd soft pellet over pellet or corn will pick up skimmers some pegs can be fished on top two or three. casters will get you 40lb off the top to hand at 2/3m but not much good if ton of carp required to win enjoy it it is a fantastic venue
      the carrot bites back:D
      ooh you are awful!!