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Advice = woodhouse grange- kingfisher

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  • Advice = woodhouse grange- kingfisher

    On here tomorrow any tips would be good . Thanks Danny

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    Really depends where you draw mate.
    If you draw an island in front of you and its in reach, thats an obvious starting point. Pellet, corn, caster, worm all work.
    If its warm, fish shallow, either on pole or pellet waggler (if in open water). Pellet is best bait up in water, try caster if you are struggling.
    Keep trying the margins, feed sparingly, The fish have been getting ready for spawning, so if you see any signs of fish, i.e. moving reeds, etc try to catch them, they will usually be there in numbers. If possible, try and fish the margins with cover between you and the fish, i.e. poking between rushes, etc. You will have to get tight into the reeds for best results.
    Set up pole rigs for up in water, margins, down shelf (4 mtrs or so ), 8 and 13 mtr lines.
    Remember every day is different and you will have to see how it goes.
    Good luck.


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      thanks for that mate, could you tell me the depths in the margins at 3-4m and at 13m as this was my plan- pellet n paste at 3-4m pellet at 13m with the veiw to catch up in the water then in the margins. cheers mate Danny


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        Its not deep in most pegs, but does vary, probably four foot at 4m straight in front, two foot down margins.
        At 13m it can be 7 foot, depends on peg.
        Try fishing anything from a hook length deep (or shallower) to two hook lengths deep on the shallow rigs. If you have an island with cover, push the pole right into the cover with just a hook length on.
        Good luck.


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          Big thankyou to you mate, ill let you know how i get on!