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  • Glebe

    Any info for lakes 1,4,5,6 and 7 please for this weekend - cheers

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    I fished there same lakes week last friday . lake four won it bigger fish in this 1 around the 6-7lb mark chap who won it had 168lbs on paste and 3mm pellet at 6 meters. there was a 128lb of lake 7 fishing the pole lake 1 won with 112lb around 80lb got you in the frame. On the pole i would surgested fishing at 11 meters to start steadly feed keep feeding stead on the 6 meter line then switch to this when the fish turn up keep plugging away on these lines as you won't win it in the frist hour then if the goings good step up your feed rate. also feed the margins then fish there for the last hour the fish always trun up the last hour and there normal bigger you can normally tell when they turn up as they keep wagging there tails at you. If your struggling you can always fish the feeder to the far side. as for bait pellet for feed and paste but they take any thing you throw at them.


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      Thanks mick that was pretty much identical to how i fished it last year, i had 80lbs on lake 1 for my section but could'nt keep up with the laads who fished shallow. I put about 8 pints of bait in and Roy was complaining saying " will you feed my fish please your not putting enough bait in " lol


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        yeah i tried to get him going at 6 meters feeding caster
        3pints in 2 hours fish did n,t turn up tried to long on this line wish had stay on the feeder far side then switch late on to the in side bloke 2 away just kept plugging a way at 11meters and 6 meters for 112lb