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the riddings crucian pool

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  • the riddings crucian pool

    anyone got any info on the pool please. i have been reading about alot of venue advice for the main match pool however not the crucian pool. anyone got any good advice please.thankyou!

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    well there are 20 pegs on the pool to start,the pool is three sided but you can only fish off 2.the side of the pool you cant fish has trees along its length.low numbers to about peg 4 is a easy put over on the pole,peg 1 is very narrow as the pool narrows to this peg.after peg 4 its a chuck with lead or waggler till about peg 8or9ish.then the rest of the pegs till peg 19,can only fish open water.peg twenty is good you got a bay to the left plus the tree bank to your left as far as you can see.the main target is carp they do go to 10lb plus but most seem to be 1to pellets,our last match there last year was won with 70lb red maggot up in the water peg 7.he fed about 5 pints about 10 to 12meters.the margins go well as do the first shelf,not to deep as i can remember ,most pegs have reeds close in but this time of year with there growth its hard to get to far down the margin,so you cant have a realy great time there as a norm as you spook them off,but feed and bigger fish will show early.i would say you can win it off most pegs and about 40lb plus will be needed.hope this helps loads more to say but fingers in pain,good luck any questions ask away.


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      thanks for the reply, and i would also like to say welcome to the forum and i hope you get as much out of it as i have over the last couple of months. i think you covered most topics i was really hopeing to be answered. cheers.


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        Fished there not long ago... Bronze maggot and caster 3 meters out or in the margins.
        Also bread in the margins can pull out some lumps near the end.
        Hope this helps =]


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          also choppie and caster fished about 10 - 13m with bits of worm on hook just touching bottom, i have a lot sucsess with this methord for the large number of golden orfe in there and They come big as well, dont put up much of a fight so you can put a good weight together quickly