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manor farm, boundary pool

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  • manor farm, boundary pool

    Hey up all, i have a match here this weekend as any body fished it lately and know how its doin.

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    Plenty of paste fish to catch at 10m, but the top method is floating baits on the pole.


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      Cheers for the info fordy, do you know what size the fish run to.


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        Yes mate, the fish are 4-7lb generally,with odd 8/9/10lbers and smaller 1-3 lb,u wont catch many over 2lb unless on floaters.i've just done the 5hr and evening records on this lake,on pole i use/purple or red hydro'.17 line/12 eyed hook/hair rig the bait(i use a rubber band on the hair and just pull this thro). the bait, u need to predrill at least 80 hook baits,pole from 10m to what ever u got(i go upto 19m) but more often 14.5m.Just have hook bait touching and as little line on water as poss. keep feeding 6 freebies every 2-3 mins and at start feed 2-3 every 30 secs .till they start to show.good luck. its noddy fishing really but its good fun.