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larford arena

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  • larford arena

    help plz on lafford arena pool got match soon how far out what baits ? paste? pellet up in water ?

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    pal its full of carp,top three the most i would fish out,depends on how many are on the pool but you will need to pan all the fish so you got to keep working all match to get a big wieght,plus try maggs on hook so you can get more than 1 fish before you rebait.its all about seconds saved to get a winning wieght,most of the fish are about 1lb by now so no need to go to heavy,and latex the best laccy about 10 to 12 gives them chance to get out of swim then heave them in as quick as poss.feed there pellets and follow the fish up and down in the water,if it goes quite dont be affraid to put the bait in,they will respond.hope this helps good luck.


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      Start off on the method a meter away from the island with dampend micros and 6/8mm pellet lassoed on a hair or banned if you prefer,for the first half hour.
      Feed meat at 13m(one line only), a pot a the start and kinder over it after each fish.
      Black hydro to 0.16 and a 14 b911, 4*12 carpa chimp,leave lots of the hook point showing and gently lift into your bites,expander and a worm snapped in half also worked well.
      Don't ignore the inside, trickle it in and wait for the mud to kick up then get on it.
      Hope this helps.
      Roll on friday


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        Sorry mate miss read the post i thought you meant Arena cudmore,sorry its been a long day!!
        Roll on friday


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          lol larford


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            help plz


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              why do you need help