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chop worm and castor

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  • chop worm and castor

    Hi guys, got a corporate day at moorlands,
    i've been told chop worm and castor,can some one give me some advice on fishing chop worm and castor on the deck and up in the water please.

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    if you are on meadow and draw in the middle or low numbers or if on other side 40 upwards use popped up bread just six inches under surface.
    They feed just tiny amounts of worm with mostly caster push your initial feed into pole cup fairly firmly then some loose on top feed the loose comes straight out but the firmer stays in if you dont get a bite you can then tap your pole to release the remaining bait if you get a fish of your first feed just tip the rest straight into your swim fish about 13mtr out
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      And drop it from as high as you can for a nice splash! Then lower your piece of worm into the splash and bingo!

      Just make sure you keep working it and play around with the feeding, perhaps try loosefeeding the casters for a while and at the same time using the kinder cup for the worm, sometimes this is deadly and sometimes the fish back off - then try increasing the amount of caster in the pot.
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        chop worm

        Many thanks gent's.
        I'll let you know how i get on,thanks again.


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          At the start of the match set some casters aside on the bait tray to dry up and float. This can often score you a few extra fish later on by using the floaters on the hook, also try one floater and one sinker to vary the rate of fall thro the water.


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            Cheers mate,
            If i'd had known you new so much, i'd have come to you straight away.
            See you on the river bank.
            thanks mate.


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              To Growler,oneabung,and NJH.
              Thanks for your help,I had a great day,very very wet day but enjoyed it never the less.We had 4 lakes in total I drew pege 20 on silver not the best peg on the lake but that's what i drew so just get on with it.I managed to win the silver lake but only have a section win.Sorry to say but chopped worm never worked, i think because of all that rain the night before and all that day,so i went on the corn and pellet, weighed in 30lb 12oz not good but not to bad for a shallow peg and a sky full of rain. top weight was 46lb not to far off.but never the less had a good day. Thanks guys for your help. griffo.


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                Nice one mate