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suffolk water park

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  • suffolk water park

    i need some advice on swp particularly the traditional lake. i'm having trouble catching the bigger carp. somebody please help.

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    Hi fosta, I got your pm and will help as much as possible. I am a match fisherman first and foremost and don't fish for large carp at all and only catch a few by mistake very occasionally. I can't stand the waiting between bites I am afraid.

    The Traditional Lake does have fish in it to mid doubles and one of the guys that I know who fishes it successfully uses a method feeder and hair rigs a piece of plastic corn with a natural piece as well. He catches his fair share of bream and tench along the way but he does catch a few carp as well which are his target. You can often get them up the surface taking floaters as well, especially in the evening when we get a warm one.

    There aren't many if any carp larger than mid doubles to my knowledge in there though so if you are after fish larger then it is the speci lake for you I am afraid.

    With regard to match fishing then the more merrier as far as I am concerned. HAve you seen any matches in progress over there? If so you will have seen how we fish them. You need to be fairly competent on the feeder and a short pole to compete. Generally there is no need to fish a very long pole and sometimes a waggler will work as well. For baits generally in matches the weights have come to feeder with pellet, corn or maggot. If you have a look at this link, you will see there is a forum where I have detailed all the matches this with the weights, peg numbers and methods used for the winning weights.

    Generally for a match you can divide what you would catch pleasure fishing by at least 2 so if you are confident of catching 60lb on the match lakes pleasure fishing you could hope to get 30lb in match. Obviously that is a very rough guide and pegs drawn on the day make a big difference as to who wins etc.

    Anyway, If I can be of any further help, then please let me know.