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River Soar - Sutton Bonnington

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  • River Soar - Sutton Bonnington

    Haven't fished the Soar for 20 years, and never at Sutton Bonnington, but I've got a club match there soon. Struggling to find any info, I'm not sure what pegs we've got either. Any help appreciated.

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    can you try and find out what pegs?
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      I'm awaiting confirmation, but I think we will be down Soar Lane & not Pasture Lane (or is that wishful thinking coz it's a shorter walk!) Seriously though I seem to recall when I booked the match Soar Lane being mentioned.


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        Okay. Here goes lol.

        To the left. Peg 1 where the canal comes in, and peg 2 next to it, both fliers. This is where the bream live. Peg 3 not bad. Then to the right you got the reed beds, again good pegs (around the 30s I think) and then the moored boats.

        Most pegs your mainline will be around 10-11 metres into up to 10 foot of water (on the reed beds you can fish closer in). Suggest a 2 gram float unless we've had a lot of rain, in which case you might even need a 2-4gram lolly to hold steady. For hemp on the same line you might get away with a gram or less. You may need to bulk the shot to get the rig through the bleak which can be a nightmare if the waters got some colour in it. You should catch on the hemp and cster in the last couple of hours, and the winning weight could well come this way. Ball it at the start, with 6-8 jaffas. I'd go for something fairly dark and fine, maybe noire, match blend and terre de somme in equal parts. Dont add too many freebies. Feed caster and hemp over the top from the start.

        I'd have a choppy line at 6 or 7 metres, bait dropper in some minced worm and caster and go straight over it, as there are some decent perch along the stretch.

        If you're on pegs 1-3 think about a feeder (30 - 40 metres wide) for the bream. This can be hit or miss to be honest. I'd think about setting up a feeder on most pegs but wouldn't fish it unless I was struggling to be honest.

        If you're on the boats set up a waggler and flirt big maggots over it, as the chub might come out to play. There are gaps in the boats you can cast into then draw back to get decent presentation.

        10-12lb will be a good weight at the moment.

        And for bang up to date form ring Roddy (Hubbard) at Bennetts in Mountsorrel.

        Hope this helps.
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          Very much so, I'll let you know how we get on. At Boddington next weekend so I'm just hoping my arms will have recovered in time for the Soar match


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            How'd you go on?
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              We were advised to move stretch by L'boro Soar AS due to some surface weed issues at Sutton Bonnington, so we ended up upstream of Cotes Mill PH on the stretch called Bonsers Meadow. 14 of us fished, everyone commented on how nice the setting was and how different is was to our 'norm' and I'm sure I'll be re booking for next year. The fishing was ok, I started on the stick with hemp & caster, and immeadiately found plenty of dace, roach, gudgeon and small chub, but just as quickly the pike moved in. Had the same 1 on twice (nearly landed it once) so had to change tactics. Worm on the feeder only produced 1 small perch despite a number of frustrating bites (just tugging the worm) so I concentrated on a big bait for the last couple of hours. A 7lb barbel and 2 nice chub found my large lump of luncheon meat irresistable and gave me an 8lb winning margin. A few bream showed up, but it was mainly bits that made up peoples weights. A good day for me though, I won at Boddington in our last match to get to within 2 points of our league leader, this win now puts me 2 points clear with 1 match to go. Oh a PB barbel as well, and Forest won.... Happy days