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Makins Pase 1 and 3.Help needed

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  • Makins Pase 1 and 3.Help needed

    Fishing a few carp Puddles in a few weeks and wondering would daiwa sensor be ok for method feeder fishing and what strength to use for carp to early double figures. Im thinking 6 or 8lb but im not sure.

    Also would a daiwa Connoisseur Z 11-13 Still Water Feeder fished at 11 foot be Ok for fishing method on Makins Phase 1????

    Going to fish phase 3 on pole also.any ideas, what are the predominant species in September???

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    has the lake been closed down or is nobody willing to pass information.


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      still seeking help


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        still waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!


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          urgent help wanted...........going over at weekend.......

          help needed.....

          phase 1 method and or pellet wag

          phase 3 on pole........baits depths methods line etc


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            I think you need to say which lakes you are on as there are several lakes on each phase.
            Lake one is mainly fished by the bivvy boys, lake 2 and 4 would be mainly method or pellet wag, I think lake 3 is a stock lake now, lake 5 I have never fished.
            Phase three all the lakes are snake lakes and mainly pole fished. Best to plumb up and find what the depths are as all the snake lakes will vary, I would start off on the far bank on pellet and fish later on in the margins with catmeat for carp
            Let us all bag up


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              Its a 150 peg match.

              Day 1 pole only on phase 3.
              Day 2 rod and line only on phase 1.

              I know its like asking for the lotto numbers after that.........


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                pm pole killer he is your man.........