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doe's anyone know the river chew near keynsham,between bristol & bath

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  • doe's anyone know the river chew near keynsham,between bristol & bath

    Hello,I need some help with what tackle & approach i should take for the river chew, I've never been there before so have no idea what to expect,i know it's a very narrow river & i would expect the fish to be spooked very easily,i've got a wide range of kit but would like to go as light as possible so please if you know the area let me know what would be best suited for that river..thanks

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    This depends on which part of the Chew you are going to fish. I have fished the free stretch around Keynsham park. There are some lovely roach, dace and chub in there, and also a few carp. Hemp and caster has always been my best bait there, feeding small but regular amounts on a pole or stick float. Pegs vary a huge amount, with some 3 ft deep and a few 9 ft. I seemed to have done best from 4ft to 6ft depth pegs and afternoon evening sessions are best for the big roach. Go there this week and the rain should have put a bit of colour in it which will make life much easier for you.


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      thanks clucker,the stretch i'm going to is near chewton road in chewton keynsham,do you know if theres any good chub around that area? if so i'll take some liquidised bread aswell,think i'll start on light tackle with wagler for the nice roach feeding hemp,maggots..


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        Not been there for years, but I think bread would be a very good shout, it works on small rivers in clear and coloured water I've caught dace and roach on bread in floods. I'd still favour caster and hemp over maggot as it will bring in better quality roach. Maggot is good for dace, chub and the odd trout. Perhaps travel light with trotting gear and try the methods in different pegs. Good luck.


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          thanks guys ,you've been very helpful