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Cross Drove Fishery Hockwold

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  • Cross Drove Fishery Hockwold

    Hi Guys

    I was looking for some advice for the above venue, my club have multi-club competition there this coming Sunday.

    What kind of baits should I be looking to fish with and what fish should I be aiming for? Paste, pellet, bread?

    Tactics? Long pole/margin, feeder?

    I know this is a bit vague but I really have no idea what to expect and I want to be best prepared so I can bag up for my club

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    hi mate very dificult venue ifish it 3 times a week , 70 pegs on lake every one fishes differant, think you have all pegs in next sunday ,looking for 40 to 50 pound, chopped worm caster good bet to a feature or small method with pellet on hook 4mm.catfood and corn do work, had 7 fish for 67 pound last sunday for third 5 mtrs down edge , 76 pound was second on small method ,104 was first. but thas was only 20 peg match .when have 60 peg matches weights go down to 40 to 50 mainly small brown goldfish&f1 but they are strong fish b through lillies in a flash.0.15 0.17 lines for small fish ,big fish have anything but they are evil. dont know if this helps sutch a difficult venue


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      totally agree with steve I go every weekend to and you gotta be on em at mo. Dont be line shy cause them munters will do you in wink of an eye


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        plus i dunno what big steve reckons , but if you got the whole lake i'd take some maggots


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          Thanks for the suggestions guys, sounds like a bit of a mixture on the bait front.I had better stock up :-)

          So I am going to be mainly looking at F1's and small brown gold fish? I assume if I fish the pole I will be needing to look at a fairly heavy elastic? My old creaky Future pole has 16 hollow and 12-14 solid, I used this at a carp puddle a couple of months back and it held up surprisingly well! otherwise I do have a margin pole with 20 elastic?

          From what I understand the match is indeed a 60 pegger 15 per club I think with some decent weather is sounds like it should be a good day out :-)


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            Hi guys I thought I would let you know how I got on.

            I fished this venue yesterday and overall it was a bit dissapointing, fished very hard the winning weight was 27lb which was low compared the the previous match where the winning weight was 100lb+ (so I was told).

            I had peg 33 so was at the far end of the lake with lily pads 14m away, I ended up with 7lb most of which I caught in the 1st 15 minutes.

            Overall enjoyed the day out, just a shame it didn't really produce, a stunning venue which I would like to return again in the future :-)