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Grand Union Canal, three locks Luton Area

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  • Grand Union Canal, three locks Luton Area

    very short notice sorry but been having trouble logging in, anyhow l am on a match tomorrow on grand union canal, three locks area and l have never fished here before and just wondered if any of you guys have any local knowledge of the venue. l believe its on the Luton anglers card. got some basic ideas of the venue but not much. not looking forward to the drive down from Cheshire though in the early hours.
    any help greatly appreciated cheers guys

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    iv fished it lots mate,the best advice i would give you is the venue bit where you are fishing will be won with either skimmers opposite the bramble bushes,feed in a couple of balls of black ground bait,and feed and fish caster with red maggot or pinkie,around 8lb would be a decent weight 10-15lb should win it fish as light as you can,the other method which will also catch the skimmers is chop worm,and caster,i would defiantly fish this as you can catch lots of perch especially down the middle,you will need at least half killo,mate and the perch go big up to 3lb sometimes,also the odd large carp may show,dont worry about boats the fish dont seem to worry jusy refeed when they have passed,oh and make sure your car is locked have a good day and let me know how you got on mate kev


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      many thanks for that Kev its always good to have the lowdown from somebody that knows the water. good job l bought another half kilo of worms this afternoon plus casters etc. does the tip with a small feeder or light bomb ever work or is this best left in the bag.
      will give a report at the weekend as to how the match went on mate, Phil


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        hi Kev, well the canal on the day fished rather poor, with mostly very small perch, roach and gudgeon being caught. 3lb was a good weight on the day.
        the winning weight was just over 16lb but 13lb+ was a single carp caught on the pole with a #22 hook and #3 elastic.
        l hooked a carp estimated about 6 to 7lb on a small feeder using a tricast quiver tip and also with a #22 hook and double pinkie and had played it into near submission and was just going for the landing net when a numpty passerbye made me jump out of my skin by saying in a loud voice, shall l net it for you mate. at this l turned round to tell him to go away when the fish turned and roll ed over the line and shed the hook. to say l was not a happy bunny would be an understatement. the guy was wearing a bright white coat and was standing right on my shoulder with the high bushes behind he must have stood out like anything to the carp. l was dumfounded to say anything but the guy on the next peg gave him what for.
        it would have been enough for a section win but it was not to be.
        some skimmers were caught on the day and some perch to 8oz but it was very hard.
        not to many boats on the day but you certainly had to watch out for cyclists and dog walkers one of which let his dog crap right on the tow path then asked me for a plastic bag to pick it up, l just said to him that if he had had any intention of ever picking it up in the first place then he would already have had one at least with him, he then just shrugged his shoulders and kicked it dog crap into the grass, what a nice person eh. no wonder people dont like canal fishing so much these days are most that are near towns are usually dog crap alleys where the owners know they wont get caught.
        a nice enough venue and we used the three locks golf club for the head quarters and the bacon baps for breakfast and the bar-b-que provided afterwards was first class.