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River Dee at Farndon

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  • River Dee at Farndon

    got a club match here on Sunday the 26th of september. l have not fished there for quite a few years so just asking if anybody has fished the area recently.
    l believe we are fishing the stretch directly down stream from the bye pass bridge on the Wrexham road. l have not fished this particular stretch at all so wondering wether its a stick float or feeder approach. also what baits have been most successful, one guy has mentioned that he has done well fishing hemp and tares but thats not something l am really that good at.
    l am going to try and get there sometime prior to the 26th and at least have a look at the stretch and maybe even have a session on there, so any advise / tips gratefully recieved

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    nobody / nothing / zilch / nowt lol tut tut. am going to take a drive over there in half an hour and check it out and maybe find some poor soul fishing


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      well l had a good walk down beat 7, but there were no anglers there today. the water was up a little l would say as one of the two platforms was about 10 inches under water.
      the water looked quite peaty in colour but not dirty or cloudy. didnt see any fish topping at all. the venue though did look quite nice. some of the pegs though do look a trifle trecherous and a spade for digging some steps might be a good idea, also a length of rope would be good but not many places to secure it so it will be a case of taking lots of care when getting down to the river next week or end up going for a swim
      went further down into Farndon itself to look at the free section where there were a few anglers about but on the whole they were not catching too much, so just hoping the weathers turns a bit milder and drier for next sunday.


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        how did you get on m8 might be going farndon free stretch on sunday 3rd any help would be good ,when went last time people using 15/17 ft rods ..i only got 12ft so not sure how to fish it ..looks likr roach and dace are top sport but will i gett them on a 12ft rod ..??


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          hi waglerman, sorry l have only just found your question mate.
          l should have fished a match there last sunday but it was called off due to the river being too high according to the local bailiff.
          l had a drive over there the weekend before and the water was over the top of a couple of the fishing stages on beat 7 down by the castle remains.
          a few guys were fishing the free section but not much was being caught.
          if you have ventured there today l expect that after the rain we had in the area over the last week then the water levels will be even higher than previously and its pouring down again today so hoping that you didnt waste time going there as it will be hard l expect.


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            hi nutmeg went on sunday was very heavy rain on saterday night ... was up and fast got there about 7;30 am fished maggotts and had a few small dace and gudgen
            ..on the tip. there was very heavy rain all morning ... after a few hours got a good rap on the tip then it went off ... then it was banging off and when i struck into it was a pike got it in the net about 2lb .. not many more fish followed had aboout 2 ,half pounds of bits ... my mate on the first peg nearest to the bridge had a better day with bigger stamp of dace ,roach and a perch about 2lb ..also fished maggotts ,, hope this helps ...looks like there going to be doing work there soon ea had put signs up but when i left ..some one had removed them ...... think its next week ????? do you fish the alyn ...if so is there a free streatch or day ticket place there ...
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