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makins phase 3 avon pool

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  • makins phase 3 avon pool

    hi ya every 1 can any 1 give me any info on hoe avon pool is fishing makin never fished here before what bait to take what methods to use ie pole shallow hard to the deck much appericated

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    Hi Mate. Baits required,Corn,Pellet,cat meat,luncheon meat,hemp,I`ts fishing hard at the moment,best areas have been in the 20`s
    Fish pellet and meat tight over,come up off bottom if you start getting liners
    Try corn down the track,
    Feed hemp and catmeat down the margins the fish are bigger there ,I had 6 fish from 19 down the edge for 36lb
    Another good area is from 1 to 8 not so good from 9 to 17
    Do you have Inner Avon also? Hope this helps


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      thankyou for your advise its much appreciated and needed we have also got the inner wheatheir we use it will be down to the bloke pegging out i say use it as we have had to pay for it but some folk dont think like that what would your advise be on the matter as you clearly no what the sketch is .when you say meat over do you mean cat meat or luncheon havnt seen the venue myself othier than the web page ,so how far to the fare bank and what depths are we looking at,i fished lizard 3years ago but that were in the depths of winter thanks


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        There is only 10 pegs on the inner but no more than 5 anglers on it pegs 2 3 5 7 9 ,
        you can fish cat meat or luncheon meat over,
        Widest pegs are from 1 to 8 at approx 14.5mtrs with a depth down the track of about 4ft
        narrowest pegs are in the twenties of about 11 mtrs but these have good margins
        worth also trying paste it may work


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          thankyou for your info tight lines