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Aston split pond

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  • Aston split pond

    Split pond got match coming up any advice would be great Thanks

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    when is it due pal???

    if its warm enough it will be shallow fishing that will get best weights,,
    probably a bit too cold for meat now so pellet and or maggot should do the bizzo!!
    you want to fish just below half depth as the carp just hang off,picking up the odd morsal that the silvers miss,and keep the bait moving,
    choppy and caster does quite well when its cooler and a decent sized pot at the start plus little and often approach tends to work best,, its strange sometimes in that you can go from getting one a bung to absolutely sod all in an instant,, dont worry,, they will return,, to speed up the return you can try going an extra section out but continue to feed at the origional spot!
    dampened micro's with a 4 or 6 mill over it will also work in exactly the same way as choppy and caster and ditto for maggots,,,!
    only difference is maggot will get you bites from everything,,,!!! where as pellet is more carp and skimmer orientated!!!
    on the wider parts of the lake,, pellet wag can score,, if its warm obviously,, and method or bomb fished pellet or meat!!!
    maggot feeders worth a go if its cold for some pretty decent ide!!!
    try not to feed groundbait,, it can be the kiss of death on this venue,, except in really cold weather where a bit is ok to kickstart the swim!!!
    the lakes about 5 ft deep in more or less every peg except pegs 12 through to 14 where it drops off to about 6 or 7 foot!!!
    it doesnt really suffer from tow so you can get away with a really light set up, of about .2 or .3 gram and fish with as little bristle as possible for the conditions!!
    the bottom of the near shelf is at about 4 or 5 meters and its pretty flat from there out!!!
    the margins are about 2 foot deep but aren't really targeted too much but can produce when big potted with mags !!!
    there arent really any noted pegs, its just about the fairest venue ive ever fished,,
    but generally the middle of the lake is a good bet, pegs 4 to 14 up the car park bank and probably peg 28 to 37 up the woodside,
    the ends do produce ,, usually when they got the wind blowing into them
    the boards can produce a few carp from under them but you need to get really tight under and dont feed to much!!!
    average stamp of carp is about 2 to 3 lbs but there are bigger fish which usually show to bump your weight,,,!
    if its rained a bit before the match a cautious approach wold be a better bet,, doesn't fish to well with rain water entering it as its spring fed!!!!
    id probably say the about 40lb should be enough for a club match!!!
    let us know when yer fishing matey,, might come up and have a chinwag at the weigh in!
    you can check the new website for recent weights and there might be some info on there too!!!
    Last edited by Leaky Lloyd; 15 September 2010, 06:53 PM.
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      Thanks a lot Lloyd its this sat


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        sound matey,, might have a run up!!!!
        i would fish it cautiously,, last week was a bit of a tough nut for most,, not exactly a bagging bonanza!!!
        what you look like????
        tackle, ect!!!
        :cool::cool:"LEAKY LLOYD",,,,"TURNING NO HOPERS INTO FLYERS"!:cool::cool::rolleyes::p


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          Just letting you know floating poll won peg 7 32 lb 2nd 10 3,12 maggots woodside very poor
          apparently other way round on sunday