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Boddington Reservoir, Northamptonshire

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  • Boddington Reservoir, Northamptonshire

    Hi All,

    Anyone been to Boddington in the last few weeks, specifically pegs 70 – 110?

    How you get on? How you catch?

    Any info is appreciated,

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    fished it a couple of weeks ago had 106lb on paste all last 1-2 hours at 7 metres, i was only netting 1 in 4 i was hooking, they are animals. You have got to feed real heavy by hand with balls of paste/groundbait-they will come
    I used brown hydro which was probably a mistake, purple would have been better as its more subtle to marry the first run


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      I fished those pegs 2 weeks ago. Had 226lb on peg 98 on the bomb with 11mm pellet. Feed comfortably at a distance you can reach easily with the catty and feed heavy, 18-20 pints of 8mm pellets and they will come. If you dont you wont catch as simple as that. If its windy watch out for the under tow! It caught me out for the first half of the match.


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        Thanks for the replies lads.

        I fish Boddington quite regular, but haven't been 70 upwards for a couple of months now, and that places changes like the wind so I'm glad I asked now.

        Thanks again.


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          I think its heavy spodding with a jellybean hair rigged on a size 20 on a 10ft hooklength at the moment James lol


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            Originally posted by coxy View Post
            I think its heavy spodding with a jellybean hair rigged on a size 20 on a 10ft hooklength at the moment James lol
            Haha....I hope your next to me again Coxy, that extra spare peg makes a massive difference!


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              HaHa good answer, How much did you win???? i was second on there on saturday, although on the dam wall, should be the same as usual James


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                Haha I knew that was coming, I'm still gutted about that final. All that effort for nothing, not a penny. Bring on next year!!


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                  To aid future searches..

                  1st: 218lb, peg 85ish, straight lead and method
                  2nd: 209lb peg 96ish, straight lead
                  3rd: 195lb, peg 75ish, method
                  4th: 190lb, peg 76ish, method and cone

                  25 fished, 115lb was the average weight per angler. Conditions were hard, heavy wind and rain blowing towards the dam wall.