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COB HOUSE (Laugherne Lawn)

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  • COB HOUSE (Laugherne Lawn)

    Any info for this venue would be appreciated. I am aware of big wieghts being caught at this venue, but with declining weather and colder nights can any one with experience of fishing this place at this time of year be willing to pass on their knowledge.
    Thanks in advance........Westy

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    We fished it last week,they had just filled it up with water (cold) after a leak .Some struggled but it
    was still won with 117lbs on the method.Should fish ok now they have got used to it its full off fish


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      fished it sunday m8 the weather was wind and rain all match it was won with 180lb 2nd 150lb 3rd 105lb all fish were caught close in at 5 meters and in margins on corn pellet and worm. Hope this helps.


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        if you look for fishfarmer on here he will give you all the info you need he runs it great lad went to school with him my advise take the method fish it tight over ,there is a shelf about afoot then it drops of to 5ft some times itpays to start there then follow them onto the shelf ,then switch to the straight lead pellet 6mm and then fire 6-8 pellets over the top .feed your pole lines 13m down the front shelf and margins ,you might catch shallow ,its stange for years we couldnt catch shallow now it seams that theve changed we had a match on wyatts about a month ago we had acombined weight of 2365.00lb thats over half a ton 15 anglers going back to your pool take some corn as achange bait take your own hookers and 6mm hard pellets for the method i use a method mix as oppose to pellets arond the method as there pelletts turn to mush very fast break down and only a bit of water needed and if you get it wrong its game over so ear on the side of caution hope this helps if you got any questions dont hesatate to ask


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          Thanks every body for great info....................Westy