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Darnell fishery

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  • Darnell fishery

    Hi there,
    Anyone now anything about stipers pool at darnell never seen the place before.

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    cracking venue not many people are aware of this place ,just before you get to the peacock peub tenbury wells ,unsure of which pool is stipers so give you a low down on them if its the 1 shaped bit like a horse shoe ,its solid with fish ,and to be quite honest ,you will catch on anything ,any methood ,do rember they like the meat ,next pool is the larger water again the same but they are big so need to gear up for them,far pool looks like a snake pit snags evry were down the edges again put the riot gear on small island catch shallow on the waggler ie pellet wag there is a good head of slabs in there and they compete against the carp shallow would nt go no lower than 0.16 -0.21 are you on a match or pleasureing it the guy is a bit of a prick watch you dont get locked in need any more info pm me


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      Thanks mate.