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river avon evesham

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  • river avon evesham

    Has anyone got any information on how to fish the river avon Evesham pegs 19-40? i have got it on a contest on Sunday 16th September

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    pop round Gray may be able to help


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      from the small knowledge of info i have at evesham this is what i've found......If i was around pegs 28, 29 and 30 you could go for barbel, one bite and you stand a good chance of winning the match providing you land it. Peg 35 opposite the isbourne is always a good peg for the float, whether you want too waggler and bolo fish it or feeder fish it as there are lots of chub round there. 36 can throw up from time to time, i drew it on a wychavon qualifer and had 5lb 7oz of little chublets and roach but couldnt find any bigger chub. I wouldnt want too be below that as it is rancid really too 40, i learnt, from the angler beating me on 35 that it pays too have a bolo set up too just put the bait down a little slower which sometimes picks those better fish out opposed too the wag. I should imagine your looking at a maggot based attack around all those pegs you are going too be on.