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  • Docklow??

    Farmer Jack and Match pool............Any up to date info gratefully received, along with any general info,depths,size of fish etc.

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    love the place. match pool, meat and corn riddle the meat fish corn over the top just down the edge fish are about 5 to 12lb didnt fish that well thou when we was there
    farmer jack much the same won the match on the jack just cuped in both sides of me get one fish from one side re feed it then went to the other side get one re feed then back to the other side so on and so on thats all i did worked for me if not working try maggot in a feeder had a few on that as well fish are around 5 to 8lb and bigger some nice roach and bream in there

    mind you this was about to mouths ago i know you said up to date stuff lol.. but its the best i can do mate
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      Thanks bad boy,as I said very grateful for all info.