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wimpston upon stour

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  • wimpston upon stour

    Anyone know anything about the stour at wimpston

    any details greatly recieved

    Just got back into fishing so please be patient

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    I think i'm right in saying it is leased by Stratford AA. I havn't fished this particular stretch, but I have fished the stretch immediately upstream at Alderminster, on and off since the 1970's. The main species being Chub, Roach(especially in winter) with the occaisional Dace and Gudgeon and some humungus Arnolds, sorry Perch.
    The best methods have been stick,pole and maggot feeder or bomb depending on the peg. Baitwise casters are probably the most consistant, followed by red and bronze maggots and sometimes you need to 'make em ave it'.
    Also some good smelly cheese paste or bread flake on a big stick or bomb will pick out the better Chub which average 2 to 3lb and go up 5 with bigger(estimated) having been lost at the net. My best is 4 3/4.
    In winter,pole,pinkie and groundbait can work for the Roach with chopped worm and caster for the Chub and Arnolds.
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    I got a new rod for the wife. I'll miss her, but it's a quality rod.


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      Thanks for the reply

      Had a good day but way too many minnow and they will attack anything only seemed to go off when as you say the arnold's were about as had a really good one

      Just got back into fishing so please be patient