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Marsh farm Godalming match advice please

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  • Marsh farm Godalming match advice please


    I've got a match coming up at Marsh Farm Richardsons lake . Never fished there before so any advice on tactics, baits, rigs, feeding patterns, target species etc to get me on the right footing would be greatly appreciated.

    thanks gents.

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    never fished it but a guy i know does the opens every week... dont have to fish far out.. 6m.. chopped worm or caster.. most people seem to go for the tench but obviously bit harder in these months.


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      Thanks for the info Andy. Gives me a good start point.

      Any one else?


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        Hi Mate

        IVe fished both Harrissons and Richardsons lake a few times, and i must say Harrisson is the better,
        What i would do is 3 attacks, the 1st being the waggler, just spray a few maggots now again again for the silvers, about half way out to the island.
        I would set up the feeder and fish theis to the island G/B feeder with either a small pellet, maggot or caster.
        And the 3rd line i would set up is a 10-13m line on the pole-i would start bye introducing a small nugget of green swim stem G/B and micro pellets and either fish maggot or caster over the top.
        Dont get your hopes up of having a big weight if you get 10lb you have had a good day, the best weight i have had over 12 matches is 21lb.
        The main fish in there are crucains, tench, carp and silvers.
        You need to fish light for the crucians say .10 - .11 20 hook and if you hook into a tench they are all 5lb plus and go like a man possessed.
        The carp are few are far between but you never know.
        Depths are 4 - 8ft depending on where your draw the better end is to left as you come in about 70% down the lake.
        Good luck if you need anymore info give us a shout.

        All The Best



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          Thanks Terry