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Lavender hall Dragon pool

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  • Lavender hall Dragon pool

    Hi all i have a contest on Dragon pool at Lavender Hall this Sunday any info on methods and bait this time of year would be great Thanks.

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    Best advice mate stay in bed it is truly dreadful in warmer weather this time of year it will be aweful there will be loads of blanks even the open match anglers avoid
    putting there names down when the open match is on there ...................sorry to be dismissive but im only telling the truth large area of water ..... small amount of fish
    Blind acceptance is a sign of stupid fools that stand in line


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      if you realy have to go mate i'd fish corn on the bomb tight to the islands and just catapult a few grains over now and again, or fish the pole with maggot for the bits.
      as spongebob said its not the best in summer so it will be rock hard this time of year.


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        I used to fish the opens up there and dragon is the worst pool there 3 or 4 carp used to win the matches in the middle of summer.....

        your best bet is to fish maggot or caster for the silvers ive seen 30 pound of roach and peach win matches on there ....

        there was a fish kill on dragon a few years ago and most the fish died ..


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          hahaha good luck you will need it.... needs filling in with concrete that pool


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            ur best bet is the method up 2 the island use dynamite baits marine halibut and natural mixed 50/50 with dread reds pegs 10 to 18 are ur best pegs after that i think you can forget it....and yes i do fish the opens up there but not on this pool lol