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earlwood lakes

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  • earlwood lakes

    hi guys ,
    im fishing a match at earlswood lakes on sunday
    on the windmill lake pegs 20-42
    anybody got any info would be a great help ?????

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    stop in bed mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • #3
      i agree stop in bed but if you must go try pole if the depth is there slider but mainly feeder 40 yards got to work for them
      [SIZE=7][/SIZE][SIZE=7][/SIZE][SIZE=1][/SIZE][SIZE="6"][SIZE=1][SIZE=7]malman floats[COLOR="#FF0000"][/COLOR][SIZE=5][/SIZE][B][/B][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][COLOR="#0000CD"][/COLOR]


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        sqatt and pinky for the stickle backs and bread for the ducks!!!!!!! Quack!!!


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          dont forget the pike !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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            ive fished it twice in matches last two seasons 19 fished first one 6 weighed in, last year August, 18 fished 8 weighed in, probably had less than 30lb total in weighed in two matches.
            i wont be going again. most had 1 bream, winner had 2, 3rd around 60 mini perch from under his feet. i fished wagg/magg first time for 5 roach, tipped back would have got 3rd

            second match 4 hrs on g/b feeder nothing i hour on wagg 7 roach 1lb 10oz

            STAY IN BED MATE


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              Earlswood Engine House

              It is fishin bad at the mo,mate had a match bank hol gone and he dry netted, and he aint a half bad angler, quite easy frame on silvers , explosive G/B feeder and dead red mags, why
              p!$$ about chasin shadows, If the guys either side are catchin have a go for them. Water is high at the mo silvers will be close in


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                method feeder, went last week had about 8 carp but is fishing slow weather is on and of..