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Bradshaws no4

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  • Bradshaws no4

    Fishing there soon anyone got any info ,38 of us fishing in match

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    Its a great water mate and stuffed full of everything. You will need to be on pegs between 7-15 where the stick ups are, these are old branches that are about 20metres out and where the big fellas live... Up in the water on 8mm pellet or a method feeder as near as you can get to the stick ups (if you dare) and dont fish light? Pegs 30-42 are facing the stick ups on the Opposite bank but its a 50m chuck at them but still ok with a 18g Pellet Wag. Good luck.


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      As above spot on but ied use a glowing thod should be better getting them out the sticks they are big fish and know where to go.


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        Fished it last week on a above but you can win off pegs 27 to 30 if they are having it. Peg 27 won our match with 120 pound all off pellet wag. If you draw outside of the pegs mentioned on these posts target skimmers at 13 metres with micros and soft can do 50 pound easy and the odd carp will turn up to boost your weight.


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          Cheers lads ,what sort if depth was it for pole ,just to make rigs


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            If your fishing for skimmers use 0.12/0.13 on something like a green hollo set soft, 7 to 7.5 ft should see you right on all pegs with abit of adjusting when you get there. Use somat like a tipo 0.5 gram dotted down.....don't forget carp can turn up so not too light!

            If your on the stick up...pegs 7 to 15 fish long pole shallow with 8mm banded pellets, I would fish nothing less than 0.19 power line 2 to 3 ft to start on an heavy solid elastic say 18 ... You will know if they are having it and if so you will need to give em plenty of's a case of feeding rather than slapping if you get me?

            Finally set pellet wag up as well, especially on 27 to say 30....hang on though cause the big uns pull a bit...good luck



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              Another method that works well is PASTE..... Everything loves paste and its coming to the right time of year for it. Our last club match last year was won on the stick ups peg 9 with 168lb using paste at 8m out. As the man above has said don't fish light on the stick ups or your day will be ruined and another tip if you are using the pole i hope you can ship it back at warp speed cos they head for the snags in seconds.... Good luck and let us know how you get on...


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                Decided to go for a practice yesterday and ended up with 35 carp and 1 skimmer ,started on method then they came up ,and ended up on pellet wagler,fished peg 13 and only lost 2 hook length and one float


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                  Nice one. Just be careful on the method near the stick ups! Good luck!