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Hawford bridge ridding pool

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  • Hawford bridge ridding pool

    Hi there all any one got any info on this pool have not fished it myself believe it is the one the back of the lodge one of trevs newer pools. Size of fish. Baits. Margins or distant. Depth of water. Any info would be appreciated thanks in advance
    have match there sunday

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    Ray g:

    We had a match on it on sunday mate 16 anglers round the lake and its safe to say its shocking!!

    Top 3 weights were all around 15lb.

    The fish are MICRO carp and must of them average around 4oz there are a few bigger samples to be had but they seem few and far between to be honest. Pellet and maggot seems to be the best baits but I caught all my fish on corn hair rigged on the tip. depths are around 6ft on the long pole line and about 4ft on the top of the near shelf. The 3 pegs out on the point behind the lodge are for sure the best pegs.

    I've seen some big weights recorded on the lake BUT i have to say on face value I simply dont understand how with what we saw on Sunday.

    All the best for your match
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      thanks for info
      will post tomorrrow to let you know any change dont think there will be with weather


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        have you got any more info please ray


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          hi there
          48 won match 2 other 40s 4 3o odds not to bad. wind was bad and had heavy frost night before some dissent fish came out lots of small carp lot of the lads where catching hair rigged corn sorry about late reply been away it fished better than i expected but nowhere as good as the other 3 pools ( sue ) said trev had put a lot of big fish in recently hope this helped


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            i fished it around feb and had 67 carp for 29lb,fairly busey day,45lb won.
            fish at around 11/12m out (i fished maggot)you will find a depth of arount 3 ft all the way out to 11m where it drops to about 5ft,this is where i caught all my fish,never had a bite closer in even though there was a nice depth in margins but i would still set out to try closer on your match,i was drawn about half down opposite the lodge with band behind me.
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              Fished last year with 24 anglers in a match and won with 24lb. Had to fish 11m + and caught all fish on pellet, fed little and not too often. I was pegged to the far left corner if your back was to the lodges.