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Cedar Lake Southview Skegness - advice on methods for my sons Junior match in August

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  • Cedar Lake Southview Skegness - advice on methods for my sons Junior match in August


    my 9 year old is desperate to fish a match so i have booked him in Cedar Lake in August.

    We have never fished it so thought i would ask what methods and bait work well and what species he should target.

    He can fish pole, whip and feeder at the moment with ease so need to base match plan on these methods.

    Any advice welcome

    will go for a training session in july

    cheers Elliot

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      Get hold of Kkingfisher hes your man for info on the place, hes often found in the shoutbox but a PM will get him.
      A practice session will not hurt, but I would have a look at watching one of the open matches they hold there.


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        The place is stuffed with fish ,no need for fancy tackle. For a 9 year old ...Most pegs will produce fish fishing 2 or 3 metres from the bank..Best pegs are around the two points as these are very easy to fish being only 2 to 3 feet deep close in ...Fish with top two or 3 sections of a pole to hand with a 10 elastic and a bit of pole ready to plug on when you hit the odd carp among the roach and crucians and the yank the elastic out.
        Best to keep youngsters interested is to have 2 pints of maggot and 1/2 pint of dampened micro pellets and a few small hook pellets ,Dynamite 4mm strawberry pellets ,sold in small boxes, are working at the moment. .Keep a constant trickle of 6 maggots and a pinch of micros going in close and the fish will arrive.
        Fish a 4x12 float with strung out no 8 and no 10 shot to allow a slow fall of the bait, fish full depth but with bait falling slowly.Start with maggot on hook and switch to small pellet once the crucian carp arrive.The key is to constantly keep a small trickle of bait going in non stop all the match.Not too much 6 maggots and a pinch of micro pellets.
        Ideal hooks and line for youngsters at Southview is 0.14 hooklength and size 16 or 14 kamasan B911.
        Fish can also be taken further out on paste but this method is probably a bit too much for a 9 year old...If it's the junior match your lad's booked in for you'll be able to help him a bit ,the idea is for the kids to enjoy their day .Mac ( kkingfishers ) is never far away from the lake and he does a great job in making sure all the kids enjoy the day ,let's hope the weather improves.
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          Thanks for that snaptackle

          Josh is pretty good at pole fishing (been fishing since he was 4). He is intesrested in the flouro floating thod that KKingfisher has mentioned before - where can i get some and how is it normally fished - cheers

          The taxi man.


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            there's a link for the Thod at the bottom of kkingfishers posts..he sells them through e bay... You'll be able to get one or two from him when you get to Southview he's always about in the mornings,

            At the moment lots of carp up to 2 to 3 pounds are being caught shallow on pole and pellet but thod will catch em ok.
            Basically wherever you put a continuos stream of 5 or 6 4mm pellets it wont be long before the carp arrive..also a lot of the pegs are holding cruicians close in mainly to pellet ..maggot will catch them but small perch are a nuisance,


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              The thod is fished by filling it with small amount of groundbit or micro pellets and a banded pellet dangling undneath about a foot deep....chuck it out ,it floats and as the groundbait empties the carp rise and find the banded pellet.Then you hold on to the rod .The thod is basically a refined floating feeder..Mac hires out water skis for when the Thod starts to work.


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                is southview open 7 days a week for practicing


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                  it's open from 8am every day and day tickets available on bank....just start fishing and baliff will be round.
                  Good spot to practice is under the conifers where there is a pipe shooting water in ,you'll catch close in there about 2 feet deep.


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                    74lb on a pint of maggots match 5 hours.jpgBlushing here thank you young snaptackle couldnt of said it better my self. spot on, full of fish top 2 ish maggot. PS. Come on the opens Tues / Sat only £3 watch and fish.Don Green 61lb.jpg
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                      Hey boys do the larger roach take hemp / tares with hemp being fed instead of pellet?


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                        Dont swap and change to much yes they like hemp you have 3 hours and i always say stick to what your doing and you will catch you will have josh up all night woundering what to do lol ive seen some kids up all night and nod of on the match and wake up when its finished lol.Crueys are having it but its just full of fish.Just let josh do his thing, ENJOY