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Pete's Lake Tirley Gloucester

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  • Pete's Lake Tirley Gloucester

    Fishing Pete’s lake tirley next week has anybody got any advice as to how to approach it, I have heard chum mixers are good but also heard you cant use them anymore, if still allowed would you fish long pole 2ft of line or rod and line with a controller, also is it right you only have to fish 6/8mtrs out to bag up, how many swims would you feed and do you have to put a lot of bait in to keep them there. All replies will be grateful thanks....

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    Are last match about 3 weeks ago was won with 233 pound i was 3rd 226 i fished paste on top kit on deeper side. I would say feed 4mls and fish 4/6 ml expander and fish top kit its quite deep at moment and bottom can be very uneven but its solid with fish keep the feed going in all the time the fish back of and come back they average about 2.5 pound. Method pellet wag / pole up in water everything will catch fish as will all baits but it will be a fish race lol. I would stick to top kit and also plumb 1 section out will be busy fishing good luck let us know how you gets on.


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      yeh last time i went there she said no biscuit and no meat, i allways fish it close in pellet and paste, up in the water with pellet is good too


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        Great thanks I will let you know how I get on, staying at watersmeet so we have a few matches in the week engineers/petes ect so looking forward to it...