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Bristol Avon advice wanted

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  • Bristol Avon advice wanted


    I am a returner to angling after a 30 year break! I am after some advice on fishing the Bristol Avon. Baits, tactics etc. Sorry in advance for so many questions. I intend to fish The Crane, Swineford and maybe Jack White's sections. I fished The crane a bit last season and had a few chub, mainly on cheese. I have heard there are lots of big Bream but I have only ever managed to catch one at about 2lbs. I did hook something at Swineford that shot off like a rocket for about 100yds downstream and then broke me as soon as I tried to slow it down which I assume was a barbel. I am after some advice. Which section is best for what and which swims? I have only fished the first couple of swims at the Crane after the cattle grid and the one in the reeds in the first field at Swineford and the long one that goes right down to the water under the trees in the second field.

    If I am float fishing, should I be tripping along the bottom or at a different depth and should I use a stick or a waggler?

    Should I fish close in, half way across or 2/3 across?

    Should I feed ground bait with hook bait in it?

    I also like feeder fishing so what type of feeder and how far across and how long should the hook length be?

    Finally, what sort of BS line should I use?

    Oh and in Columbo style, one more thing, any tips on keeping the pike away? I caught 3 last year to 6lb, all by accident as they followed in roach and dace I had caught and one time on just the double maggot as they spun round as I reeled in.


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      I would give Keynsham Angling Centre a ring,might be able to help out


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        Sorry I have not replied before been off or a bit. I fish this part of the river regularly although I mainly fish it from August to November which is I feel the bst time (though last couple of weeks of season can be the best). If you want to catch bream you need to fish a groundbait feeder with some chopped worm and caster in it, hookbaits of red maggot, worm or caster will all work on their day. Cast the feeder 2/3 the way across and point your rod up in the air and fish fish for drop back bites or whacking pull rounds! Use a medium or large gbait feeder and start off with a 2ft hooklength, if you miss bites and the bait is chewed shorthen the hooklength by 6 inches, sometimes the chub will have a go so don't be surpised to catch the odd one. Don't use less than 0.14 line and a 16 hook, I start on 0.16 to a 14 usually. To catch bream (without walking miles) try any of the pegs in the first field at Swineford (except for the one with bare bank, and shallow one in reeds), at the Crane the pegs in the lane and first 4 pegs above cattle grid are best for bream.

        If you want to catch roach on rod and line then you need some flow, without flow you need a pole to get presentation dead right. The pegs at the crane from above the gantry and up into bay are all good for roach, as they are shallower pegs, my favourite without a pole would be a 7 no 4 stick float and feed hemp and casters, 0.1 to a 18 or 20 to start with, I would start a couple of inches off the bottom and then see how it goes. Loosefeeding will not work if there are lots of bleak and dace around, then you need to either ball in gbait and fish the pole, or just feed hemp and hope to catch on hemp on the hook. If the river is very clear then pike will be a pain, if I knew how to avoid them I would be a lot richer! Waggler is a very good tactic up at Swineford, especially in the second field, the peg under the trees can throw up roach, chub or bream. I would feed caster and a bit of maggot and start at 4ft deep, being prepared to go deeper if chub don't show. 0.12 to a 18 should be OK, but step up to 0.14 if chub feed.

        I hope you do well, if you need anymore info you can see my blog, or pm me.