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Aston Ponds - Split Pond

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  • Aston Ponds - Split Pond

    Does anyone know what's doing the damage on here at the moment, baits methods etc.
    What weights are coming out in the matches, got a match in a few weeks time.
    Any help welcomed.

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    pellet or meat, on the deck or up in the water ! you want to draw middle of the lake on both banks or which ever end the winds blowing into !
    and have a margin line , they usually feed these heavy with maggots then put a full worm on the hook !
    really is as simple as that !
    :cool::cool:"LEAKY LLOYD",,,,"TURNING NO HOPERS INTO FLYERS"!:cool::cool::rolleyes::p


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      Hi B911.
      I hope it fishes better than when my lad fished the junior national, he drew on split, right at the bottom end on the boards.
      looked like a top peg, but nothing doing, if you draw that peg you have to fish under the boards, but be carefull they can wrap you round one of the scaffolding poles.
      Like lyoyd said the middle did produce on that day.
      All the best steve.


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        Thanks for reply's chaps.

        Is there still a large head of ide in split or are carp the main target?